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war in Ukraine
  • millions fleeing

  • Homes & Infrastructure destroyed

  • Help us to help!

Ukrainian refugees still need humanitarian aid!

One year ago, in the early hours of February 24, 2022, Russia launched a nationwide attack on the Ukraine. The humanitarian situation is precarious, the distress unimaginable. So far, 5.4 million citizens have fled within the country and near to 8 million have sought refuge in neighbouring and other European countries, including thousands in Switzerland.(Source: OCHA Situation Report, 10.02.2023). Millions of people are suffering from the consequences of war. During the winter months in particular, there is a lack of electricity and drinking water. At the same time, people need medical care, help to rebuild their destroyed houses and crucial infrastructure, emergency shelter, basic necessities and psychosocial support.

Last year, the Foundation Aide and Assistance sent 38 convoys to the war and crisis region. Our aid to the people of Ukraine is ongoing, in close cooperation with Malteser International and the Order of St. John, as well as with Caritas.

Your donation really helps:


For an Emergency Aid Package

of humanitarian first aid

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For the Transport of relief goods 

to the crisis area

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for one Power generator for hospitals and private households

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National Collection Day for Ukraine

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