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Set a lasting mark

At the request of the deceased or surviving dependents, flowers and wreaths can be dispensed with in the event of a bereavement and the Malteser Foundation Aide & Assistance will be given consideration in their place. With a funeral donation you share health for people in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America - everywhere where better medical care is urgently needed.

Set an example to preserve people's lives and to help others sustainably in difficult situations.

You can easily make your funeral donation on our donation account.

Raiffeisenbank Sensetal
IBAN no .: CH23 8080 8002 1342 9990 5

Of course, you can also process your funeral donation directly online by simply using the form below.

We say thank you very much!

Each funeral donation is personally thanked and the bereaved family receives a list of the people who donated in memory of the deceased. Please tell us the name of the deceased and your address.

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