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«Obsequium pauperum» -
Help the people in need!

How we help

Emergency aid, development cooperation, non-profit

The actions of the foundation Aide & Assistance make an effective contribution to the purpose of Malteser

«... et obsequium pauperum» - help the people in need!

That we can work so successfully is due to four important factors:



The Sovereign Order of Malta maintains diplomatic relations with 110 states and with the European Union and has a permanent observer status at the United Nations and international cooperation agreements with more than 50 states - all of this contributes to facilitating and unifying our activities. We also work very closely with Swiss accredited ambassadors in various countries, which greatly simplifies customs formalities.


Voluntary engagement

The Aide & Assistance foundation's services are only possible thanks to the large number of voluntary helpers. Their working hours are worth around 250,000 francs per year.


Material donations

Numerous hospitals, nursing homes, schools and municipalities as well as various large health care companies support us by providing the spare and very valuable material free of charge.


Financial donations

We could not do our work without donations from private donors, funding from foundations and entrepreneurial commitment. Despite all the voluntary work, there are costs for transport, handling and intermediate storage for 30 to 50 aid deliveries per year. Thank you for helping us to share health.

Our principles

We only deliver to non-profit organizations.

The transport costs must be covered by the recipient. This increases the appreciation for the auxiliary material.

The receipt and use of the aid supplies must be documented.

The following systematic procedure is used for all aid supplies:

Prozess A&A E.png

Where we can help

So far, more than 1,350 articulated lorries and containers have left Switzerland with aid transports. Health was shared more than 1,350 times worldwide. A unique "recycling" that benefits thousands of children and adults every year and enables better access to health - all over the world.

Here you can find current ones  reports  which show how important and effective it is when we, as Swiss people, share health worldwide.

request help

Do you need hospital supplies for your facility? In order to be able to share health with you, we ask you to submit the relevant application form. You can find it here:

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