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Recycling entrepreneur

Do you want to let actions speak for themselves and get actively involved? Then you can become your own recycling entrepreneur together with the Aide & Assistance Foundation.

As a recycling entrepreneur, you give people around the world access to health and worthy medical treatment. To do this, you will work with us to recycle medical technology from all over Switzerland.

What do you have to do?

Quite simple - choose the medical device of your choice in our recycling shop , which you would like to recycle and we will make sure that it arrives with one of the next transports where it is urgently needed.

How our recycling works

We are the only organization that collects hospital material that is no longer needed in the whole of Switzerland but is in good condition and fully functional, and we transport it to hospitals and old people's homes in need around the world. With an average of 30 aid transports per year, several thousand children and adults each have better access to health. For example, medical treatment can take place in a Swiss hospital bed - instead of on the ground. The great thing is that you give these hospital beds a second life somewhere in the world.

Bett Somalien.jpg

So see a  Hospital bed made of ...

... if we don't share health

How come the medical ones  Relief supplies to where they are urgently needed?

This is exactly where you come into play as a recycling entrepreneur and become part of our unique recycling and thus share health worldwide. 

You invest 250 francs in the transport of, for example, a discarded Swiss hospital bed. Your donation starts to «work» immediately:

  • 250 francs are saved directly, because scrapping in Switzerland costs between 400 and 500 francs

  • The service life of the hospital bed is tripled on average!

  • The high CO2 emissions associated with scrapping are also saved

What do you get for your commitment?

  • As part of our community, we regularly inform you in our newsletter about the progress of our recycling

  • You can always find our current projects and insights into our global impact on our social media channels

  • You will receive your personal donation receipt for the tax authorities every year (from CHF 100 per year)

  • You will receive our annual report once a year

  • Advance announcements and invitations to our event activities

  • Last but not least: a good feeling and great gratitude because as a recycling entrepreneur you really make a difference!

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