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Non-profit, emergency aid, development cooperation

Recycling shop
Donate & recycle

Send decommissioned, but still well-preserved Swiss hospital equipment on its way and share health worldwide. With your donation for one of the listed medical products, you save an expensive recycling and the associated emission of CO2. At the same time you give the product a "new life" in a region in need in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia or Latin America.

Important: The Aide & Assistance foundation does not trade with the products, but provides them free of charge to the recipient institutions. Therefore, you cannot buy anything in our store, but make a proportional donation for transport and handling. The selection in our store is exemplary and corresponds to the materials provided in the last five years.

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How to donate & recycle:

  1. Select recycling product which should be recycled

  2. Click the button "recycle & donate"

  3. Make your "recycling donation" in the donation form

  4. With one of our next aid transports you will share health


CHF 25.-

Walking aid simple

Simple helper in the form of a pair of crutches.


CHF 75.-

Mobility aid

Technically sophisticated mobility aids such as rollators or wheelchairs.


CHF 50.-

Hospital bedside table

Special bedside table for use in hospitals.

Image by Trust "Tru" Katsande

CHF 150.-


Electric microscope or other diagnostic  

Medical technology

IMG_3415 - Kopie.jpg

CHF 75.-

Mattress hospital bed

Special mattress suitable for Swiss hospital beds.

Elektrische Bette Osteuropa.jpg

CHF 250.-

Swiss hospital bed

Swiss hospital bed electrical or manual, depending on the region and infrastructure.

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