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The Christmas present

Paul got a car from his brother for Christmas. Yes, indeed a car. As Paul was leaving his office on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, he saw a boy sneaking around his brand new car. He seemed genuinely excited about it. "Is that your car, mister?" he asked.

Paul nodded. "Yeah, my brother gave it to me for Christmas." The boy stopped, rooted to the spot. "Gee, I wish ..." He hesitated. Of course, Paul knew what the boy would wish for. To have a brother like that, too. But what the boy finally shared came as such a surprise to Paul that he couldn't believe his ears.

"I wish," the boy continued, "I could be a brother like that, too." Paul looked at the boy - and spontaneously asked him, "Would you like to go for a little drive in the new car?"

"That would be really great!"

After they had driven a short distance, the boy asked cautiously, "Would you mind driving me to my front door?"

Paul grinned. The boy probably wanted to show his neighbors that he was being driven home in a big car. But Paul was wrong a second time.

"Can you stop where the steps begin?" He ran up the steps. After a short time, he heard him. He didn't come running fast. The boy was carrying his disabled little brother.

He put him on the bottom step and told him about the car.

"Someday I'll give you a car too, and then you can look at all the beautiful things in the shop windows I've always told you about."

Paul got out and lifted the little fellow into the passenger seat. With shining eyes, his big brother sat down next to him - and the three of them set off on a Christmas outing that none of them would ever forget.

That Christmas Eve, Paul understood what Jesus meant when he said, "It is more blessed to give..."

Text source: / Father Joe

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