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Call for the 4th National Ukraine Collection Day on January 28, 2023

Dear friends and supporters

In 2022, which has just ended, Russia's invasion of Ukraine shocked us - but then spurred us on to joint relief efforts. In cooperation with the Swiss Johanniter we were able to load a truck with relief goods almost every week and send them to Moldavia, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary. In addition, we were able to count on your generosity to finance these transports.

For this great willingness to help, this extraordinary commitment and these strong signs of solidarity, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Currently, Ukraine is in winter, while more and more homes, but also important infrastructure, are in ruins under the hail of bombs. That is why we call you all to the

4th National Collection Day in favor of Ukraine. This will take place on:

Saturday, January 28, 2023 between 10 am and 4 pm at our warehouse in Embrach.

Brägger + Thomann

Embraport A

8424 Embrach

On this day we will accept (exclusively) the following relief goods:

  • Warm, clean and intact winter clothing (and please only such!) for children, women and men

  • Thermal underwear (washed)

  • Blankets and sleeping bags

  • Thermal blankets and thermal sheets

  • Bandages

  • Disinfectant

  • Flashlights and batteries (AA and AAA)

  • Hygiene articles

  • Durable food (please in unopened original packaging)

With multiple packages and larger quantities of the same product we facilitate the distribution for our local partners.

Furthermore, our friends of the Ukrainian Order of Malta urgently ask for

Power generators (charged or solar powered) and power stations of any size.

For many people, survival depends on the ability to generate electricity! Thanks to them, cooking, heating, communication, learning, but also, for example, a vital device in a hospital can be operated.

In order to meet this need efficiently, we need your financial support.

This reaches its goal as follows:

Malteser Foundation Aide & Assistance - Note : Ukraine-Help

Raiffeisenbank Sensetal

IBAN: CH23 8080 8002 1342 9990 5


Please help us to help the people in Ukraine who are suffering from shelling and freezing cold! A heartfelt THANK YOU for this!

In this spirit we wish you and your families a joyful, healthy and blessed 2023!

picture: Malteser International

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