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7th National Collection Day for Ukraine

Dear friends of the Johanniter-Malteser Stiftung Aide & Assistance

Last Sunday was World Health Day, this year's motto being "My health, my right". Why we are using this day as an appeal for our 7th national collection day for Ukraine becomes very clear when Pauliina Nykänen-Rettaroli, Head of the Human Rights Department at the WHO, states in her statement for this year's World Health Day: "Conflict disrupts access to basic health care and causes untold trauma, the effects of which last for generations".

Unfortunately, this is exactly what we are experiencing every day in Ukraine. We therefore want to do what we can to ensure that the people of Ukraine receive the health they are entitled to as a basic right.

In the article below you will find details on how you can support our collection day on 20 April 2024.

Thank you so much for helping us!

Alessandro Marangoni, President


7th National Collection Day for Ukraine

Saturday, 20 April from 10 am to 3 pm

Brägger + Thomann

Embraport A, 8424 Embrach


We want to continue collecting because the people in Ukraine still urgently need our help. The following relief supplies are needed:

  • Warm, clean and intact clothes (and only those, please!) for children, women and men

  • Thermal underwear (washed)

  • Wool blankets and sleeping bags (washed, in good condition)

  • Thermal blankets and thermal foils (in their original packaging)

  • Dressing material (in original packaging)

  • Disinfectant (original packaging)

  • Hygiene articles Wet wipes, tampons and sanitary towels, disposable flannels (original packaging)

  • Nappies (in original packaging)

  • Torches, batteries (AA and AAA) and power banks

  • Non-perishable foodstuffs in unopened original packaging: tinned food of all kinds, pasta, rice, instant noodles (which can be prepared with hot water) can be prepared with hot water)

Multiple packs and larger quantities of the same product make distribution easier for our local partners.


We are also very grateful for the financial support

of our transports:


Johanniter-Malteser Stiftung Aide & Assistance - Note: Ukraine-Aid

Raiffeisenbank Sensetal

IBAN: CH23 8080 8002 1342 9990 5


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