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100 relief transports within two years

Updated: Mar 27

Dear friends of the Johanniter-Malteser Stiftung Aide & Assistance

In mid-February, our 100th aid transport since the beginning of 2022 left our warehouse in Embrach. A great achievement from our team around Branco von Hoensbroech with all the volunteers.

"Transport No. 100" went to Chile and has just arrived there. In Chile, care materials are primarily needed. For nursing homes, some of which were affected by the severe bush fires, and for so many in Chile who are affected by poverty in old age and cannot afford a place in a home in the first place.

They can, for example, rent a nursing bed free of charge and thus be better cared for by relatives or friends at home.

So many aid transports in such a short time were possible thanks to the excellent cooperation with the Swiss Johanniter relief organisation, which at the start of the year merged into the Johanniter-Malteser Aide & Assistance Foundation and - above all - thanks to your numerous and generous donations.

Our urgent request is therefore: please continue to support us with donations in money or in kind. A good opportunity for this is not only the upcoming Easter, but also the 7th collection day for Ukraine. You can be sure that every donation will reach people in need - worldwide.

Thank you very much for helping us!

A happy and blessed Easter to you.

Alessandro Marangoni, President


Save the date

7th National Collection Day

for Ukraine on

April 20th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


We want to continue collecting because the people in Ukraine still urgently need our help.

More information will follow shortly.


100 francs for the next 100 transports


Make the next 100 aid transports possible by the end of 2025! If just 65 people donate 100 francs, one aid transport is already financed. IMPORTANT: about ten times the value of the goods will reach the people in need!


Johanniter-Malteser Stiftung Aide & Assistance, 1701 Fribourg

Note: Easter donation

Raiffeisenbank Sensetal

IBAN-Nr.: CH23 8080 8002 1342 9990 5



Thank you very much for your support!

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